Iron Hulls, Iron Hearts

Seems this book is gathering some rather mixed reviews, either very good or not quite adequate. reviews

I’ll probably get it at some point, and will see what it is like for myself. But the comments by Jeff and palamara, but most importantly Mr. Goldstone on are rather off-putting. Daniel is probably not quite the expert on the matter. 🙂 My ‘problem’ is that I speak Italian, so I can read Italian sources and books, and am therefore not quite as blown away if something on the Italians appears in English. 🙂

One thought on “Iron Hulls, Iron Hearts

  1. Well, it may not impress an expert, but for a novice researcher like myself Iron Hulls is a good intro; until reading it, I knew next-to-nothing about the Italian armored divs in North Africa, plus it cued me in to some firsthand material.


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