Souda Bay Commonwealth War Graves

I went to Crete two weeks back, and spent an hour at the Souda (Suda) Bay cemetary, on our trip to Chania.

The pictures are here.

It is beautifully located, and very well cared for. The cemetary holds the graves of all Commonwealth personnel buried in known graves on the island, a total of over 1,500, almost one/third of them New Zealanders, who bore the brunt of the fighting on Crete, and only about half of them identified. There are also some graves from the Balkan wars, a memorial to the British soldiers killed in the Battle of Heraklion in 1898, the graves of some sailors who died in Souda of illness, and even the graves of some civilians from the period before WW1, including two or three German citizens. One of the last casualties to be interred there is a Captain from the Cretan resistance liaison mission, killed by Communist ELAS fighters in Heraklion in early 1945.

You can find the Commonwealth War Graves Commission page on the cemetery at this link.

One thought on “Souda Bay Commonwealth War Graves

  1. I suspect the “memorial to the British soldiers killed in the Battle of Heraklion in 1898” you refer to is actually the memorial to members of the 1/Seaforth Highlanders who died in Crete between March 1897 and November 1897; all of disease or accident. The only British troops killed in action on Crete during the International intervention between 1897 and 1909, were some 14 or so (the number is unclear) soldiers, marines and seamen who died in the rioting in Iraklion on 6 September 1898. The memorial for the members of 1/Highland Light Infantry, who were killed that day is in the churchyard of Agios Konstantinos, Iraklion, along with the bulk of the memorials to those 100 or so other British servicemen who died of ‘natural causes’ during the intervention.


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