Effect on Air Transport Operations in Russia in 41

Effect on Air Transport Operations in Russia in 41


Operation Crusader did have an impact that was felt far beyond Libya, and for the first time allowed the German high command to peak into the abyss of resources not adequate to a two-front war.



Mediterranean – Junkers 52 in Flight. Bundesarchiv Bildarchiv.

Impact on Russian Campaign

On 27 November, during the last German push towards Moscow, the chief of staff of VIII Fliegerkorps, the close-support specialists under von Richthofen, had to issue the following instruction, which in effect centralised air supply for ground forces, something which had become increasingly important during the supply crisis of Operation Taifun, the attack on Moscow.


As a result of transfer of transport gruppen (wings) to other theatres of war (i.e. Mediterranean) supply by air can from now on take place only to a limited extent.

Liason officers (with ground forces) are to point out that only in the most urgent cases can supplies be carried by air. 

Applications for air transport to be made to Fliegerkorps VIII.

The information appears to also have gone to Berlin for information.