Order of Battle – 8th Army, 18 November 1941

In WO216/15 an overview of 8th Army units is given, probably dating to mid-October 1941 which I reproduce here. Based on my research, and on the report by GOC 8th Army after the battle (WO201/2693), I have amended it a bit, with explanations given in the notes.

8th Army (General Cunningham)

13 Corps (Lt.-General Godwin-Austen)

2 New Zealand Division (Major-General Freyberg)

4 Indian Division (less one brigade)* (Major-General Messervy)

1 Army Tank Brigade (less one regiment)** (Brigadier Watkins)

Corps Troops

64, 67, 68 Medium Regiments RA

65, 2 SA AT Regiments RA

A Sqdn 6 SA Armoured Car Regiment

37 RTR (dummy tanks)

30 Armoured Corps (Lt.-General Willoughby-Norrie)

7 Armoured Division (Major-General Gott)***

7 Armoured Brigade (Brigadier Davy)

22 Armoured Brigade (Brigadier Scott-Cockburn)

Support Group (Brigadier Campbell)

4 Armoured Brigade (Brigadier Gatehouse)

1 South African Division (less one brigade)**** (Major-General Brink)

22 Guards Brigade (Brigadier Erskine/Brigadier Mariott)*****

Tobruk Fortress (Major-General Scobie)******

70 Infantry Division (Major-General Scobie)

Polish Brigade Group (Major-General S. Kopanski)

32 Army Tank Brigade (Brigadier Willison)

Fortress Troops

Corps Troops

4 SA Armoured Car Regiment

51, 60 Field Regiment RA

7 Medium Regiment RA

73 AT Regiment RA


Jarabub Group (Force E)

29 Indian Infantry Brigade (Brigadier Mariott/Brigadier Reid)*******

38, “F” RTR (dummy tanks)


2 South African Infantry Division at El Alamein (Major-General de Villiers)

2 South African Infantry Brigade at Matruh Fortress (Brigadier Poole)

Army Troops

Total Strength:

118,000 men

849 medium, field, and anti-tank guns

529 cruiser tanks

205 infantry tanks


* 11 Indian Infantry Brigade, held back at Mersa Matruh

** Probably a regiment held back in reserve

*** Detailed breakdown not in the document.

**** The division consisted of 1 and 5 SA Brigades in the line and 2 SA Brigade at Matruh.

***** Brigadier Erskine was replaced by Brigadier Mariott around 20 October 1941, to let Brigadier Reid take charge of 29 Indian Brigade and the Jarabub Group. I have no idea what happened to Brigadier Erskine, since he seems to be a different Erskine to the BGS 13 Corps.

****** This detailed breakdown is not in the WO document, but from me. The fortress came under command 8th Army on the night 30/31 October, and was under operational control 30 Armoured Corps, which would give the order to start the breakout. Later in the battle it went under control 13 Corps.

******* Only HQ 29 Indian Infantry Brigade and one infantry battalion, otherwise support troops including a lot of armoured cars. Under direct control of 8th Army throughout.