Bit of an update

A few things.

First, I have upgraded the account at WordPress, so the blog should now be ad-free (I may later decide to include adds, but only if they are sufficiently targeted). With this, I have also added registered a proper site name. Someone more enterprising than me had already registered ‘crusaderproject’, so I went with the title of the first of the books to be published, ‘Rommel’s Riposte’ (ha! you didn’t expect that, URL-hoggers). Point your browsers to and let me know if this works (it should automatically transfer you to the site). You may have to delete cookies if you are stuck in a feedback loop.

Second, over the summer I have made good progress in dealing with the manuscript, and I believe I have found a way to show the information in a format that is interesting. I’ll road-test that on the blog in the future, closer to publication. At present, some chosen friends get to see it.

Thirdly, I have agreed with Michele Palermo, (co)-author of the bilingual books ‘Ali d’Africa‘ (on Italian 1st Fighter Wing in North Africa, with Ludovico Slongo) and ‘Le Battaglie Aeree in Africa Settentrionale’ (a day-by-day account of air battles during Operation CRUSADER, that he would supply the air story of the battle. That’s good news, and I am very pleased to have Michele on board.

So it’s looking better now than it did six months ago! As always, feedback and comments very welcome.