Panzergruppe Intelligence Assessment 21 November 1941

This was sent at 20.40 hours 21 November 1941 by Major von Mellenthin to Berlin.

  1. Enemy Behaviour on 21 November 1941:

    On Sollum front enemy quiet all day but through air reconnaissance recognised attack preparations in front as well as against rear. On Tobruk front enemy attempted in co-ordination with the advance from south-east a breakout with about 40 tanks, this was repulsed. The advance of 22 and 7 Armoured Brigades placed west of Bu Meliha against Tobruk was stopped during the morning hours on both flanks of Sidi Rezegh by forces of the Tobruk front. Through advance of D.A.K. from area Bu Meliha towards Sidi Rezegh forward (22 Armoured Brigade) enemy suffered heavy losses. Details still missing. The rearward situated 7 armoured brigade does not appear to have entered combat yet. 7 armoured division has entered combat with elements in area Sidi Rezegh. 4 Armoured Brigade concentrated in area southwest Sidi Omar, appears to be held ready there for advance into the back of the Sollum front. 1 South African Division successfully repulsed at El Gubi by Italian Ariete Division. About the fast enemy forces advancing in the direction Benghazi – Agedabia no details are known.

  2. Details

    Order of Battle 7 Armoured Division based on captured documents.

    4 Armoured Brigade with 8 Hussars, 3 and 5 R.T.R.

    7 Armoured Brigade with 7 Hussars, 2 and 6 R.T.R.

    6 R.T.R. entered combat with 42 cruisers Mk. VI.

    22 Armoured Brigade with 3 CLY, 4 CLY and RGH.

    7 Rifle Brigade with 1 K.R.R.C., 2 R.B. and 38 R.T.R.

  3. Overall Impression

    It has to be expected that the mass of 7 Armoured Division on 22 November will continue to attack towards Tobruk, while the Sollum front will be attacked frontally by 4 Indian Division and possibly from the rear by 22 Armoured Brigade.

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