Panzergruppe Intelligence Assessment 23 November 1941

Showing the chaos of the day, this intel assessment was heavily rewritten, and both the first page of an original showing edits and a final version have survived. It was finalised at 00.15 hours of 24 November and sent off to Berlin at 07.03 hours the same day.

Around midday the encirclement of enemy forces in the area southeast of Tobruk was completed. At this time the 4 and 7 Armoured Brigades and 1 South African Brigades were in this space. The mass of these formations is moving towards its destruction. Numerous tanks and combat vehicles as well as some batteries were destroyed. Amongst the POWs is the commander of 4 Armoured Brigade.

The mass 1 South African Division south and southwest B.el Gubi, 22 Armoured Brigade in area 30 kmn southeast B. el Gubi. One tank battalion 1 Army Tank Brigade with a motorised battalion reached 16.00 hours, driving west from the area southwest Bardia the airfield Gambut. On Sollum front the mass 1 Army Tank Brigade and elements New Zealand Division attacked with focus on Lower Sollum and Sidi Omar. These places fell into enemy hands.

Supposed order of battle confirmed by captured situation map and operation order (important captured material by special courier to OKH). According to this, Army Command 8 with 13 and 30 Army Corps, division line 30 km south S. Omar – B. Gibni – S. Azeiz.

30 Army Corps with New Zealand, 4 Indian, 1 Army Tank Brigade, 13 Army Corps with 7 Armoured Division (with this 22 Guards Birgade, thus far used for security in the rear areas) and 1 South African Division.

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