Panzergruppe Intelligence Assessment 25 November 1941

This report was sent to Berlin at 11.49 hours on 26 November.

Enemy behaviour 25 November 1941

Tobruk front quiet. During the early morning hours attack along the Trigh Capuzzo by the enemy grouping reported yesterday in the area south of Capuzzo on German-Italian defensive group Bel Hamed. Strength of this group, 4 and 6 New Zealand Brigades, 1 battalion 1 Army Tank Brigade, 1 battalion 22 Armoured Brigade.? The apparently not very committed attack was repulsed around mid day. At the enemy grouping southeast B.el Gubi, aerial reconnaissance showed during midday long vehicle columns in southeasterly direction, forward elements at the wire. Apart from local combat with Italian troops in the area east of el Gubi no major combat took place. Remnants 7 Armoured Division remained in prior area today without major movements [replaced by handwritten: moved back area Bir Inba]. Elements 4 Indian Division retreat before German pressure on Sidi Omar in southeastern direction, divisional command staff in the evening around the area B. el Chregat. 5 New Zealand Brigade in defensive combat line Capuzzo – Sollum. 6 Brigade of 2 South African Division 07.00 hours off the startline towards southwest from Sidi Barrani. Evening mass of 21 Panzer in area southeast Halfaya – Cirener, 15 Panzer S. Azeiz (armoured elements) 15 Panzer (motorised elements) area S. Omar and south. There use of strong British air forces. 7 Armoured, 1 South African, 4 Indian [Division] heavily knocked (thus far more than 5,000 POW).

Order of Battle

The following changes in the order of battle: 30 Corps with 1 South African, 2 South African, based at Bir Inba. Moved out 7 Armoured Division (directly under 8 Army command). 1 South African Division remains sub-ordinated, and it is therefore considered possible that this division will also be moved west across the border again (preparations for this have been recognised through aerial reconnaissance). 13 Corps with 2 New Zealand and 4 Indian Divisions.


Two American observers, who accompanied 4 Armoured Brigade, were taken POW. Details to follow.

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