Panzergruppe Intelligence Assessment for 28 November 1941

This document was signed by von Mellenthin on 29 November, and received at 06.25 on the same day.

Enemy Behaviour on 28 Nov. 1941

During the course of the day 4 and 22 Armoured Brigades attempted to delay the advance towards Sidi Rezegh of the D.A.K. and the Italian Division Ariete, but were pushed off to the south. During the late afternoon hours 2 New Zealand Division in the area east of Sidi Rezegh has been enveloped by German forces. By means of a German push from west on S. Rezegh this division was also tied down frontally.

Around midday 7 Rifle Brigade, in its resting area of B. Taieb el – Esem, was tasked in northeasterly direction to stop the Italian division Ariete, which advanced north from the area of B. Bu Meliha. The task failed, and in the evening 7 Rifle Brigade jointly with 4 and 22 Armoured Brigades was situated in the area B. el Chelb and east of it.

1 South African Brigade also received the task to advance on S. Rezegh during the afternoon, to secure the area there. Its arrival in the area is not expected before dusk. It has to be expected that the enemy forces on the southern flank of the D.A.K. will on 29 November try, by attacking, to prevent the destruction of 2 New Zealand Division.

Enemy grouping otherwise largely unchanged.

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