Panzergruppe Intelligence Assessment 30 November 1941

Enemy Behaviour 30 November 1941

To relieve pressure on 2 New Zealand Division, which is encircled southeast of Tobruk 4 Armoured and 1 Rifle Brigade carried out relief attacks.
4 Armoured Brigade received an area of operations from S. Rezegh to 10km east of it, 7 Rifle Brigade from there to Gasr el Arid. To achieve this, 4 Armoured Brigade was supposed to keep open a path for 2 New Zealand Division, and to look out for 1 South African Brigade, which was also tasked on S. Rezegh, to unite there with 2 New Zealand Division. The disjointed attack by 4 Armoured Brigade was repulsed, 7 Rifle Brigade engaged enemy columns on the Trigh Capuzzo south of Gambut, 1 South African Brigade arrived only in the late afternoon hours in the area 10 km southwest of B. Chleta, without entering into combat.

22 Armoured Brigade did not fight all day, it has to be assumed that it suffers supply problems and has retreated onto its supply base in the area of northwest B. Bu Meliha. In the area Gabr Saleh – B. Taieb el Esem and south of it remain at the disposal of 30 Army Corps the 7 Armoured Brigade (heavily knocked), 22 Guards Brigade, and 1 South African Division with one brigade.

The continuation of enemy attacks to relieve the encircled New Zealand Division has to be expected also for tomorrow, probably not just from the south, but also from the southeast.