Panzergruppe Intelligence Assessment 2 December 1941

This document was sent off on 2 December at 23.00 hours.

  1. Enemy Behaviour on 2 December 1941

While mopping up the cauldron in the area north of S. Rezegh the number of POW and volume of booty continued to increase. El Duda and north-east continue to be occupied by the enemy. Here apparently elements of 2/13 Australian battalion (part of the Tobruk garrison). According to POW statements numerous tanks were shipped to Tobruk since the middle of November, specifically the 32 Army Tank Battalion Brigade (4 and 7 Battalion confirmed by POW). Only 7 Rifle Brigade is between Trigh Capuzzo and Trigh el Abd today, established in a broad front south of the line Gasr el Arid – Si. Mufta, and from there onwards continuing to the southwest, the 4 South African Reconnaissance Battalion, up to B. el Gubi. 7 Rifle Brigade carried out reconnaissance pushes and attempted to harass the movement of the Italian divisions on the Trigh Capuzzo by artillery fire. 5 Indian Brigade, also today in the area of S. Azeiz, restricted itself also to reconnaissance activity in the direction of Bardia and Gambut. Air reconnaissance noted a smaller number of vehicles in the area southeast of B. el Gubi. Its activity was constrained by bad weather. Based on radio interception, the move of specific command staffs towards the east and southeast is recognised (command staff 4 Armoured Brigade from B. el Dleua to area south B. Ben Ganeb, 22 Armoured Brigade now area Gabr el Halabar. 22 Guards Brigade moved from area B. el Gubi to the southeast, exact position not known). 7 Armoured Division is losing AA units, probably to protect supply depots further to the rear. One battalion of 2 South African Division, which is concentrating south of S. Barrani, is moved into the area 60km east of S. Barrani.

  1. Overall Impression

Some radio reconnaissance reports of today allow recognition of moves of individual command staffs from the area southeast B. el Gubi in an easterly and south-easterly direction. 7 Rifle Brigade, which is established in a broad front, might have the task to cover a retreat by the enemy. A sufficient confirmation of this measure (replaced: supposition) by air reconnaissance could not be obtained today due to the bad weather.

  1. Order of Battle New Zealand Division

4, 5, and 6 Infantry Brigades, 27 (MG) Battalion, 28 (Maori) Battalion, 7 AT Battalion, 14 LAA Battalion, 5, 6, 7, and 8 Pioneer Companies, 4, 5, and 6 Field Artillery Regiments. Each infantry brigade has a company of 8 R.T.R. assigned to it.

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