Panzergruppe Intelligence Assessment 4 December 1941

  1. Enemy Behaviour on 4 December 1941

22 Guards Brigade and 4 Armoured Brigade advanced from the area B. el Gubi and east of it on both sides and east of the track B. el Gubi – El Adem. During evening hours a small artillery fight took place with the Italian division Pavia, south of El Adem. East of this elements of 7 Rifle Brigade advanced up to the area B. Bu Cremeisa and from there during the afternoon harassed with fire movements on the Trigh Capuzzo. A weaker reconnaissance force pushed further west up to the area Hagfet Sciaban. In front of the push by 21 Panzerdivision weaker enemy elements evaded in the direction of S. Azeiz (probably 5 Indian Brigade).

In the area south of S. Azeiz 2 South African Division was recognised by radio interception. It has to be expected that at least elements of this division have been brought up to this area.

  1. Overall Impression

It has to be expected that the enemy on 5 December will again attempt an attack in the direction of El Adem to relieve Tobruk. For this purpose he is bringing up only 22 Guards Brigade from the area of B. el Gubi as fresh troops while 4 Armoured Brigade and 7 Rifle Brigade are heavily (replaced: have to be considered) knocked about.

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