Panzergruppe Intelligence Assessment 9 December 1941

Enemy Behaviour 9 December 1941

The enemy follows Panzergruppe, which retreats in a northwesterly direction from the area B. el Gubi on both sides of the Trigh el Abd. Radio reconnaissance recognised 4 Indian (inserted: Division) (22 Guards Brigade and 11 Indian Brigade) and 4 Armoured Brigade here.

The presence of 7 Rifle Brigade in the area south el Adem has not been confirmed. This brigade must now be presumed in the area west of B. el Gubi.

Stronger reconnaissance forces pushed south B. el Gubi towards Hacheim. No significant enemy movements were recognised further south. The opponent in Tobruk kept quiet.

No enemy movements were noted in the area Gialo – Giarabub – B. Ben Gania.