Panzergruppe Intel Assessment 20 December 1941

Enemy Behaviour 20 December 1941

Enemy northern group advanced only reluctantly also today, by contrast 7th Armoured Division, which probably received new armoured forces, advanced via Mekhili to the west and with its most forward elements reached el Charruba. Air reconnaissance could not ascertain the enemy forces reported yesterday marching from B. Tengeder to Msus. Radio reconnaissance ascertained the command staff 1st Armoured Division, apparently in the area of Maddalena, where possibly new enemy forces are being concentrated.

Panzergruppe Intel Assessment 19 December 1941

Enemy Behaviour on 19 December 1941

Enemy pushed ahead only reluctantly today. Polish Brigade and elements 4th Indian Division occupied Derna. Mass 4th Indian Division advancing northwest with forward elements just south of Berta, New Zealand Brigade Martuba, 1st South African Brigade area Tmimi.

7th Armoured Division pushed, without getting contact with the D.A.K., only a little west from Mechili. Reinforcements were brought up, apparently reinforced 22nd Armoured Brigade. The enemy columns ascertained west of Bir Tengeder yesterday (about 50 tanks and 1 or 2 motorised battalions) reached, advancing southwest with armoured cars, the area east of Msus.

Panzergruppe Intel Assessment 17 December 1941

Enemy Behaviour on 17 December 1941

Polish and 5th New Zealand Brigades only reluctantly followed the Italian divisions which had been beaten back to Tmimi.

4th Indian Division did not appear today, the same for the apparently heavily hit 22 Guards Brigade.

70th (Tobruk) Division can be assumed to be in the area Acroma and west of it.

7th Armoured Division with 4th Armoured Brigade and 7th Rifle Brigade is on the march to Mechili.

A tank column reported at B. Tengeder (probably 7th Armoured Brigade) made a course west and southwest. Radio intercepts showed that the enemy expected a great success from this undertaking.

Concentration of significant enemy columns in the area of Maddalena.

Air reconnaissance noted 1,300 waggons at the railhead south of Sidi Barrani.

Panzergruppe Intel Assessment 16 December 1941

Enemy Behaviour 16 December 1941

5th New Zealand Brigade and 4th Indian Division continued also today their attacks against positions in the area south and southwest of Ain el Gazala. In the Gazala position a stronger break-in succeeded again. In the sector of 22 Guards Brigade the Polnish Brigade was recognised. 22 Guards Brigade will therefore have been pulled out for a refresh. 7th Armoured Division (4th Armoured Brigade and possibly 7th Armoured Brigade) attacked the flank and rear of the D.A.K.. Attacks were repulsed. Attacks by elements of 2nd South African Division (5th South African Brigade) and 42 R.T.R. on Bardia were repulsed under heavy enemy losses. According to POW reports 2nd Armoured Brigade is arriving from Cairo.

Panzergruppe Intel Assessment 15 December 1941

1. Enemy Behaviour on 15 December 1941

Enemy continued his attack. In area 8km south Ain el Gazala 4th Indian Division, supported by 32nd Army Tank Brigade, succeeded in a breakin of 4km width. Southeast B. Temrad the D.A.K. succeeded in a counterattack in smashing strong elements 22 Guards Brigade. This yielded about 500 POW, including a Brigadier, 25 guns, several tanks, and numerous AT guns were captured or destroyed. During the afternoon radio reconnaissance notes advance of 4th Armoured Brigade into the rear of the D.A.K. in the area el Cherima.

2. Italian naval command reports almost the whole Alexandria fleet in the area Matruk – Tobruk.

3. According to report Italian garrison Syrt enemy armoured cars attacked the Thamet airfield (40km west of Syrt) during the night 14/15 December, and destroyed some Italian planes. West of Syrt road blocked by mines.

Panzergruppe Intel Assessment 14 December 1941

Enemy Behaviour 14 December 1941

Enemy undertook today only individual local attacks, which generally were repulsed. During these 5th New Zealand Brigade appeared just east of Gazala. Otherwise enemy grouping unchanged. Situation 1st South African Brigade not ascertainable, it did not have enemy contact. Air reconnaissance noted 4,000 motorised vehicles at the railhead south of Sidi Barrani, including tanks. It could be a new formation brought in from the Middle East.

Panzergruppe Intel Assessment 13 December 1941

Enemy Behaviour on 13 December 1941

a) Enemy continued his reinforced attacks against the front sector direction B. Temrad (Italian Motorised Corps) by concentrating his forces. Uses 4th Indian Division, 4th Armoured Brigade, and 7th Rifle Brigade. Some local break-ins succeeded, which were countered by a successful counterattack by the German Africa Corps. Several enemy batteries and 11 tanks were destroyed in this.

b) On the Sollum front the positions B. Girba, Cova, and D-Avanzo were abandoned according to plan. Enemy grouping there: 5th New Zealand Brigade and 42 R.T.R. west front Bardia, Command group 2nd South African Division at Capuzzo, 3rd South African Brigade south B. Girba, 11th Indian Brigade south Halfaya. Lead of enemy forces on Sollum front by 2nd South African Division.

c) Marada was re-taken by Italian foces, according to air reconnaissance at Gicherra no enemy forces, Oasis Gialo and eastern extension Wadi el Hamin some positions and armoured vehicles recognised.

2. Details

67th Medium Artillery Regiment according to radio intercepts now moved under 2nd South African Division.