Panzergruppe Intel Assessment 13 December 1941

Enemy Behaviour on 13 December 1941

a) Enemy continued his reinforced attacks against the front sector direction B. Temrad (Italian Motorised Corps) by concentrating his forces. Uses 4th Indian Division, 4th Armoured Brigade, and 7th Rifle Brigade. Some local break-ins succeeded, which were countered by a successful counterattack by the German Africa Corps. Several enemy batteries and 11 tanks were destroyed in this.

b) On the Sollum front the positions B. Girba, Cova, and D-Avanzo were abandoned according to plan. Enemy grouping there: 5th New Zealand Brigade and 42 R.T.R. west front Bardia, Command group 2nd South African Division at Capuzzo, 3rd South African Brigade south B. Girba, 11th Indian Brigade south Halfaya. Lead of enemy forces on Sollum front by 2nd South African Division.

c) Marada was re-taken by Italian foces, according to air reconnaissance at Gicherra no enemy forces, Oasis Gialo and eastern extension Wadi el Hamin some positions and armoured vehicles recognised.

2. Details

67th Medium Artillery Regiment according to radio intercepts now moved under 2nd South African Division.

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