Panzergruppe Intel Assessment 15 December 1941

1. Enemy Behaviour on 15 December 1941

Enemy continued his attack. In area 8km south Ain el Gazala 4th Indian Division, supported by 32nd Army Tank Brigade, succeeded in a breakin of 4km width. Southeast B. Temrad the D.A.K. succeeded in a counterattack in smashing strong elements 22 Guards Brigade. This yielded about 500 POW, including a Brigadier, 25 guns, several tanks, and numerous AT guns were captured or destroyed. During the afternoon radio reconnaissance notes advance of 4th Armoured Brigade into the rear of the D.A.K. in the area el Cherima.

2. Italian naval command reports almost the whole Alexandria fleet in the area Matruk – Tobruk.

3. According to report Italian garrison Syrt enemy armoured cars attacked the Thamet airfield (40km west of Syrt) during the night 14/15 December, and destroyed some Italian planes. West of Syrt road blocked by mines.

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