Panzergruppe Intel Assessment 17 December 1941

Enemy Behaviour on 17 December 1941

Polish and 5th New Zealand Brigades only reluctantly followed the Italian divisions which had been beaten back to Tmimi.

4th Indian Division did not appear today, the same for the apparently heavily hit 22 Guards Brigade.

70th (Tobruk) Division can be assumed to be in the area Acroma and west of it.

7th Armoured Division with 4th Armoured Brigade and 7th Rifle Brigade is on the march to Mechili.

A tank column reported at B. Tengeder (probably 7th Armoured Brigade) made a course west and southwest. Radio intercepts showed that the enemy expected a great success from this undertaking.

Concentration of significant enemy columns in the area of Maddalena.

Air reconnaissance noted 1,300 waggons at the railhead south of Sidi Barrani.

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