Panzergruppe Intel Assessment 27 December 1941

Sent 03.44 AM 28 December.

1. Enemy Behaviour 27 December 1941

7th Support Group also today with mass in the area Solluch and southwest of it felt against the Agedabia northern front with only 1 – 2 motorised infantry companies, which were repulsed. (POW from 2nd Scots Guards). Also 22 Guards Brigade, in the area Antelat – Saunnu, shifted only slightly to the southwest. Instead very active reconnaissance activity against the north-east front of the Agedabia position. 22 Armoured Brigade since midday engaged in combat with D.A.K., with about two battalions in the area 20km west and northwest of El Haselat. Elements still between Giof el Matar and el Haselat. 7th Indian Infantry Brigade with most forward elements Barce is supposed to be transported to Benghazi by truck in several convoys on 27/28 December. The available supply columns for this task are very limited.

2. Overall Impression

An attack by 22 Armoured Brigade in a westerly direction has to be expected tomorrow, equally an advance by 22 Guards Brigade against the east and north-east front of the Agedabia position is possible.

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