Panzergruppe Intel Assessment 30 December 1941

1. Enemy Behaviour 30 December 1941

22nd Armoured Brigade retreated, pushed by Group Crüwell, across the track Agedabia – Giof el Matar, to the northeast. In this engagement another 48 tanks were destroyed today. With this the total number of tanks destroyed in the last three days rises to 136. Otherwise enemy situation as yesterday.

2. Details

a) Prisoners were made from the following units:

  • 4th County of London Yeomanry,
  • 122nd Light AA Battery of 13th AA Regiment,
  • 2 RHA,
  • 12th Lancers, and
  • The Royal Dragoons.

b) According to captured documents:

  • 22nd Armoured Brigade has subordinated to it:
  • 3rd CLY (tank battalion);
  • 4th CLY (tank battalion);
  • 2 RGH (tank battalion);
  • 2 RHA (artillery regiment);
  • 102 (Northumberland) AT battalion;
  • 122 Light AA Battery;
  • 9th Rifle Brigade (motorised infantry battalion);
  • engineer platoon and signals platoon;
  • furthermore 12th Lancers.

c) Captured letters show addressees:

A/E Battalion 1 RHA and H/J Battalion 2 RHA.

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