Panzergruppe Intelligence Assessment 23 December 1941

Enemy Behaviour on 23 December 1941:

The enemy group to the east of el Abiar did not advance today either. 7th Armoured Division attacked with 7th Support Group via Sceleidima towards Solluch. It’s further advance west was blocked west of Solluch by elements of DAK and Trieste. 4th Armoured Brigade, which had already advanced on Beda Fomm via Antelat during yesterday afternoon, was thrown back over the escarpment at Antelat by 15 Panzer Division. Two batteries and several tanks were destroyed in this.

Radio interception, confirmed by aerial reconnaissance, ascertained reconnaissance units of the Gialo Group in the area of Giof el Matar.

Prisoners were made from 3rd and 5th Royal Tanks, 370 Battery of 51st Field Regiment.

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