Panzergruppe Intelligence Assessment 26 December1941

1. Enemy Behaviour 26 December 1941


Also today the opponent only felt ahead against the Agedabia position with reconnaissance forces. According to aerial reconnaissance enemy grouping as yesterday. According to radio intercepts, heavy supply traffic, especially bringing up of replacements. Possibly also relief of elements 4th Armoured Brigade, by 22nd Armoured Brigade. Command Staff 4th Armoured Brigade no longer ascertained. Furthermore Gialo Group ordered back to Tobruk, apart from some smaller reconnaissance units, which are subordinated to 22 Guards Brigade.

One artillery battalion of 4th Indian Division receives order to move to 2nd South African Division.

4th Indian Division has only made slight progress in march towards Benghazi due to road destructions and shortage of transport. Polish and 1st South African Brigades remain in area Derna – Berta.

2. Overall Impression

Opponent carried out partial relief, or re-grouped, and replaces losses in formations. Based on this a decisive attack is unlikely to be expected for tomorrow.

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