Panzergruppe Intel Assessment 31 December 1941

1. Enemy Behaviour on 31 December 1941

The heavily knocked 22nd Armoured Brigade has retreated up to the area south of Msus, according to radio intercepts. Based on aerial reconnaissance the 22nd Guards Brigade has retreated from the Agedabia front to the northwest and is now with its mass in the area Saunnu – Antelat. On the other hand, Polish Brigade south of Beda Fomm with most forward elements now just north of the Agedabia position. According to radio intercepts the Command Staff 1st Armoured Division or the Command Staff 2nd Armoured Brigade are moving into the battle zone. Aerial reconnaissance reports 500 motor vehicles on the track Gazala – Mechili, moving west.

2. Overall impression

Because of the failure of 22nd Armoured Brigade 13 Corps has retreated with strong elements. The bringing up of reinforcements, especially armoured units that are currently lacking, has to be expected soonest.