Two new books on North Africa/Rommel by Cedric

My friend Cedric has been considerably more productive than I have been, and has put out two books in the last year and a half. I am afraid they are in French, but if you speak French, they are bound to be chock full of information and pictures (or in the case of the biography, maps) you have probably never seen. I haven’t read them, but going by the quality of his articles/special issues in Batailles & Blindes, they are must haves.

Mas/Feldmann – Rommel Biography (2014)

Mas – The Battle of El Alamein (June – November 1942)

Of the special issues of Cedric, the first one is still available at this link, while the second one is sold out, as are the regular numbers 31 & 32, which contain a two-set article on the German artillery in North Africa.

Happy reading!