Panzergruppe Daily Intelligence Assessment, 2 January 1942

Enemy Behaviour 2 January 1942

1-2 weak enemy reconnaissance battalions at Giof el Matar. 22 Guards Brigade with mass Saunnu. Group Mickl parried an attack carried out by weak infantry forces. Polish Brigade as before area south Beda Fomm. Reconnaissance battalion 4 Indian Division at Via Balbia about 20km north of Agedabia, mass 4 Indian Division still in Cyrenaica.

Panzergruppe Daily Intelligence Assessment 1 January 1942

1. Enemy Behaviour on 1 January 1942

Weak cover 22 Guards Brigade secured area south Antelat against the German-Italian motorised units advancing north-east from Agedabia. 22 Guards Brigade with mass continues to be in area Saunnu – Antelat. Polish Brigade somewhat behind south of Beda Fomm. At Giof el Matar 1-2 reconnaissance squadrons of erstwhile Gialo Group. According to radio intelligence reconnaissance battalion of 4 Indian Division advancing south from Benghazi. Heavy traffic noted on road Benghazi – Ghemines by aerial reconnaissance. Remainder 22 Armoured Brigade continues to retreat northeast.

2. Enemy break-in southern front of Bardia was contained. 3 tanks and 3 armoured cars were destroyed during this action, and 50 POW brought in – mostly 2 South African Division, few Polish gunners.

3. Overall Impression

Opponent has not moved back with its mass, arrival of new forces is not to be expected according to radio intelligence.