Panzergruppe Daily Intelligence Assessment 1 January 1942

1. Enemy Behaviour on 1 January 1942

Weak cover 22 Guards Brigade secured area south Antelat against the German-Italian motorised units advancing north-east from Agedabia. 22 Guards Brigade with mass continues to be in area Saunnu – Antelat. Polish Brigade somewhat behind south of Beda Fomm. At Giof el Matar 1-2 reconnaissance squadrons of erstwhile Gialo Group. According to radio intelligence reconnaissance battalion of 4 Indian Division advancing south from Benghazi. Heavy traffic noted on road Benghazi – Ghemines by aerial reconnaissance. Remainder 22 Armoured Brigade continues to retreat northeast.

2. Enemy break-in southern front of Bardia was contained. 3 tanks and 3 armoured cars were destroyed during this action, and 50 POW brought in – mostly 2 South African Division, few Polish gunners.

3. Overall Impression

Opponent has not moved back with its mass, arrival of new forces is not to be expected according to radio intelligence.