Panzergruppe Intelligence Assessment, 4 January 1942

Enemy Behaviour on 4 January 1942

The enemy forces noted yesterday in the area Giof el Matar – el Haselat (1 – 2 reconnaissance battalions of the Gialo group) did today not push further than El Haselat in a southwesterly direction, under attack by Fliegerführer.

The enemy forces adancing in westerly direction on a broad front along the line B. el Fescia – Feheid, identified by radio interception as 7 Support Group, have made contact with their most forward elements with Group Mickl in the Agedabia – Position. North of Agedabia , the reconnaissance battalion C.I.H.[1] stood today only 10km north of the town.

It has not been confirmed that the enemy group south of Beda Fomm is the Polish Brigade, according to radio intercepts this brigade should rather take over from 5 Indian Brigade in the area Berta.


[1] Central India Horse, reconnaissance battalion of 4 Indian Division.

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