Panzergruppe Intelligence Assessment 6 January 1942

Enemy Behaviour 6 January 1942

Due to heavy dust storm the disengagement of German-Italian forces in the area of Agedabia was apparently not noted by the opponent. Because of this all day no enemy contact. Air reconnaissance not used due to bad weather conditions. According to radio interception enemy grouping by and large unchanged. The enemy forces on the Bardia front are, according to radio intelligence, re-grouped for an attack against the Sollum front.

Panzergruppe Intelligence Assessment 5 January 1942

1. Enemy Behaviour on 5 January 1942

Also today only weak enemy reconnaissance and artillery activity on the Agedabia front. On the northern front the reconnaissance battalion C.I.H. was identified. The enemy group south of Beda Fomm was no longer recognised, a night-time move in south-easterly direction (Saunnu) is possible. The enemy group at and south of Giof el Matar might have been reinforced by a battalion from 7 Support Group. It has to be expected that the enemy will also tomorrow only slowly follow the German-Italian rearguards. Air reconnaissance can thus far not note the bringing up of any new enemy formations, neither from Cyrenaica nor from the area of Tobruk.

2. On the Halfaya front stronger enemy artillery and air activity. According to radio intercepts 2 South African Brigade appeared there for the first time.