Panzergruppe Intelligence Assessment 8 January 1942

Reconnaissance Battalion K.D.G. reached area just east Mn. Bettafa. Enemy patrols only feeling forward against DAK rearguard at B. Bilal and on the Via Balbia 25km southwest of Agedabia. 22 Guards Brigade did not advance beyond Agedabia, since this area is heavily mined.

According to radio intercepts, flight operations can only commence in three days on the airfield there. 7 Rifle Brigade only somewhat moved to southwest, its left wing approximately around El Haselat. According to radio intercepts the advance of elements of this brigade in the Uadi al Faregh has to be expected tomorrow.

Aerial reconnaissance reports Sahabi free of enemy. Gialo group still in the area of Giof el Matar. Command 1 Armoured Division appears for the first time in the area of Msus and issues orders to 2 and 22 Armoured Brigade, Guards Brigade, 1 and 7 Rifle Brigades (Sp. Gp.) and Group Gialo. According to triangulation 2 Armoured Brigade and 1 Rifle Brigade are on approach march to Msus and on the Trigh el Abd, respectively. 1b* 1 Armoured Division already in M. el Grara. Aerial reconnaissance could not confirm the approach of these two brigades due to bad weather.

* 1b = Divisional Quartermaster

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