Panzergruppe Intelligence Assessment 15 January 1942

1. Enemy Behaviour on 15 January 1942

Along the whole front lively reconnaissance activity and weak artillery fire on most forward strongpoints in the sector Mn. Belcleibat – Mersa el Brega. The reconnaissance battalion east of Burruei (12th Lancers) received reinforcements from the area Mn. Bettafal during the day. According to air reconnaissance at and west of Gr. es Sahabi 120 vehicles established. This could be a reconnaissance battalion from E-Force (before Gialo Group). Divisional command 1st Armoured Division according to radio reconnaissance area Agedabia. According to aerial reconnaissance 2nd Armoured Brigade also confirmed in that area. Overall enemy grouping as yesterday.

2. Halfaya Front

Continued heavy artillery fire by land and naval forces and continuation of air attacks.