Panzergruppe Intelligence Assessment 13 January 1942

Enemy Behaviour 13 January 1942

The British 13 Corps brought up the rear elements of its formations via Giof el Matar – Agedabia in a southwesterly direction. Its situation is as follows in the evening:

  • 7th Rifle Brigade astride track Mn. Bettafal – B. es Suera.
  • 22nd Guards Brigade with mass in area Rta. el Gtafia – Mn. Tabilba – B. en Ginn, a weaker group southwest B. en Ginn facing southwest.

Along the whole front no combat contact thus far apart from reconnaissance activity and weak artillery fire.

Mass 2nd Armoured Brigade and 1st Rifle Brigade apparently in area Giof el Matar – Agedabia – el Haselat. In area Mn. Burruei enemy reconnaissance unit, otherwise south Uadi Faregh no enemy movement.

Overall impression:

An enemy attack has to be expected shortly with focus at and south B. es Suera, while simultaneously advancing on both sides of the Via Balbia.

Halfaya Front:

On 12 January Lower Sollum was lost after a tough fight, few strongpoints still holding out. On the remainder of the Halfaya Front artillery activity.