Panzergruppe Intel Assessment 12 January 1942

1. Enemy Behaviour 12 January 1942

Also today along the whole front strong enemy reconnaissance activity. Most southerly reconnaissance unit at Mn. Burruei (reconnaissance squadron Gialo group). 7th Rifle Brigade at and north of Uadi Faregh, and 22nd Guards Brigade astride the Via Balbia pushed their most forward elements to about a line 10km west of Mn. Bettafal – Mn. el Gefera – M. Cabilba. Command 7th Rifle Brigade 10km west-south-west Mn. el Mensci, 22nd Guards Brigade Rta. el Gtafia. According to radio reconnaissance 1st Armoured Division with 2nd Armoured Brigade and 1st Rifle Brigade in area Saunnu – Msus – Antelat – Giof el Matar. It appears to continue to have severe supply problems. Aerial reconnaissance reports no movements on track Marada – Gialo – Sahabi, Tirgh el Abd, track Mechili – Msus. From area Solluch 250 vehicles on Via Balbia driving to Agedabia.

Overall impression: further forces other than 1st Armoured Division have not yet arrived at 13 Corps, 1st Armoured Division apparently not yet completely ready for action. Nevertheless it is possible that an advance of the 7th and 22nd Brigades, reinforced by 1 – 2 tank companies, will take place in a southwesterly direction.

2. Halfaya Front

Opponent continues his heavy attacks on Lower Sollum. After repeated attacks he succeeded in gaining possession of some defensive positions in Lower Sollum. At other points the attack was successfully repulsed.

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