Panzergruppe Intel Assessment 14 January 1942

1. Enemy Behaviour 14 January 1942

Enemy grouping as previous day. Active combat reconnaissance by both sides at and southwest of B. es Suera. The reconnaissance unit in the area Burruei was, according to aerial reconnaissance, reinforced by a further 200 vehicles – brought up on the treck Mn. Bettafal – Burruei. This column suffered considerable losses due to repeated air attacks. The 1st Armoured Division in the area of Giof el Matar – Agedabia – el Haselat received, according to aerial reconnaissance, further reinforcements from the areas of Antelat and Saunnu.

Overall impression: enemy appears to prepare himself for a planned attack.

2. Details

22 Guards Brigade from 14 January renamed 200 Guards Brigade. At Marada 1 Captain and 1 man of the Long Range Desert Group captured during reconnaissance 4km east of Marada.

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