Panzergruppe Intel Assessment, 17 January 1942

1. Enemy Behaviour 17 January 1942

The enemy reconnaissance battalion in the area Mn. Burruei and south of it was reinforced through tanks (about 1 company). During the course of the afternoon it was repeatedly attacked by the Luftwaffe. Along the whole front apart from reconnaissance activity by both sides no fighting contact. Enemy grouping largely unchanged.

2. Halfaya Front

Commander Sector Halfaya (Lieutenant-General De Giorgis) reported morning 17 January: since during last night no rations arrived, I have had to send a negotiator to discuss surrender. The fighting activity has ceased with the start of the negotiations. All heavy weapons were made unuseable by our own troops. Since 13.00 hours there is no more radio contact with Sector Halfaya.

English wire service reports: Sector Halfaya has surrendered.

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