Panzergruppe Intelligence Assessment 18 January 1942

Enemy Behaviour on 18 January 1942

Along the whole front normal reconnaissance activity and weak artillery fire on the northern sector. The opponent pushed closer towards the Italian positions at and north of Suera and on both sides of the Via Balbia. Thus far two enemy batteries were recognised northwest B.el Ginn and 2-3 batteries on both sides of the Via Balbia (6km east Marsa el Brega). South of Suera only reconnaissance forces in the area forward of our lines. According to aerial photo reconnaissance 800 vehicles (amongst them 80 tanks) are in the area north M.el Mensci and at R.el Gtafia 600 vehicles, while in the until now more heavily occupied area south and south-east of Agedabia only occasional vehicle groups were recognised. Based on this the mass of 1st Armoured Division has pushed further south-west. According to radio reconnaissance the 7th South African Field Artillery Regiment – until now at the Bardia front – is now appearing under 2nd Armoured Brigade.

Overall impression: The enemy appears to concentrate for a planned attack with focus between B. es Suera and B. el Ginn.

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