Desert Rescue Squadron – eArticle Part II Published

Please see also this earlier post for background and disclaimer:

Andrew and Adam have now published the second installment of the 2-part eArticle on the German Wuestennotstaffel (Desert Rescue Squadron), which operated in North Africa during World War II. The article is (just like the first version) a very good read, highly informative, and very well illustrated. I am a particular fan of the colour scheme of Coningham’s Storch. There’s just something about war planes under ‘new management’. 🙂

This second part contains very detailed accounts of the capture of General Cruewell in May 1942 (who was arguably saved by the very docile flying characteristics of the Storch), and of a very entertaining typical desert story involving a Storch and Lord Jellicoe.

Highly recommended reading. The article can be purchased here:

Happy reading!