Panzerarmee Intelligence Assessment 31 January 1942

1. Enemy Behaviour 31 January 1942

The British retreat from Cyrenaica continued under the protection of strong rearguards. While enemy forces (of 1st Armoured Division) at and north of El Charruba were pushed back relatively quickly, the rearguard at Maraua (elements 5th Indian Brigade) stood its ground determinedly until the evening. According to radio reconnaissance 11th Indian Brigade area Beda Littoria, 1st Armoured Division intends retreat to er Crima (40km south-east Mechili).

2. Impression based on prisoner interrogations

  • 7th Indian Brigade held defense belt south of Benghazi
  • 1st Welch of 5th Brigade was pulled forward to Sceleidima on 23 January, the other battalions of 5th Indian Brigade remained near Barce, since they were immobile.
  • 8 R.T.R. only elements arrived in Benghazi, armed with I-Tank Mk. III
  • Many prisoners from 4/11 Sikhs, 4/16 Punjab. Subordination 7th South African Field Regiment to 2nd Armoured Brigade confirmed.

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