Panzerarmee Intelligence Assessment, 2 February 1942

1. Enemy Behaviour 2 February 1942

Today 11 Indian Brigade retreated in the direction of Derna after giving up its rearguard positions at De Martino.

5 Indian Brigade, evading towards Martuba further south, was attacked by German combat groups in the area of Gasr el Carmusa during the afternoon. Group Ergh has retreated up to the area Abiar es Saadi. 1 Armoured Division continues to remain in the area Mechili, reconnaissance forces still northeast of B. el Melezz. Remains 7 Indian Infantry Brigade have pushed through into the area southeast of Mechili following the battles of 29 January. According to radio reconnaissance, 1 South African Division, until now suspected in the area of Bardia, now appears with one brigade in the area of Gazala. 150 Brigade has moved from Mersa Matruh to the area west of Tobruk. It is reinforced in particular with mines, sandbags and barbed wire.

2. Overall Impression

Following the evacuation of Cyrenaica, the opponent brings up reinforcements into the area west of Tobruk to establish a defensive line there.

Panzerarmee Afrika


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