D.A.K. war diary 10 February 1941

10 February 1941

In Munich General Rommel joins the train[1]. During the trip repeated conferences between Lieutenant General Rommel, Colonel Schmundt, and Lt.Col. v.d.Borne.

Brenner border crossing reached around 13.00 hours.

Arrival Rome Termini around midnight. At the train station the German military attache, Major General von Rintelen with his adjutant, and the Italian general Jodl.[1]


[1] See previous day.

[2] This is reference to General Guzzoni, Under Secretary of State for War and Deputy Chief of the Commando Supremo. He was Jodl’s counterpart at the Italian general staff. Thanks to Paul Fröhlich for this correction.

Alfredo guzzoni

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