D.A.K. War Diary Entry 6 February 1941

First entry in the D.A.K. war diary No. 1. for 6 February 1941, when it was formed as ‘Staff of the Commander German Troops in Libya’. It became the rather better-known Deutsches Afrikakorps (German Africa Corps) on 21 February 1941.

6 February 1941

Midday arrival by air of Major-General Rommel in Berlin, report to Commander in Chief of the Army. Instructions for Libya issued and information about the pityful situation there given. Afterwards report to the Fuehrer, who also discusses all details of the situation and the task, and who promises the sending of another armoured division if the situation there can be rescued. Evening invitation to the Führer and discussion based on foreign pictoral magazines.


Rommel meeting Hitler at an unknown location and date. Rommelsriposte.com collection. 

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