D.A.K. war diary entry 7 February 1941

7 February 1941

Conference with the Chief of the General Staff of the Army and the Chief of the Operations Department, for repeated instruction about situation and task. The Commander in Chief of the Army demands that the task is solved with a minimum of forces. Conference with various units of the High Command of the Army. Report by Lt.Col. von dem Borne as Chief of the General Staff. First conference with him.[1]


General Gariboldi, GOC Italian Forces in North Africa, Rommel, von dem Borne on the occasion of Rommel being awarded the Order of Savoy. AWM.[2]


[1]von dem Borne was the chief of staff (Ia) of 3. Panzerdivision, so the logical choice to act in this position at the Afrika-Korps which was mostly based on units taken from that division. He served in North Africa until October 1941, when he was moved to Russia. He died on 30 January 1942 in an accident.

[2] While the AWM caption claims dates the picture as 1942, it is almost certainly on 11 May 1941, the date Rommel was awarded the Order of Savoy. General Gariboldi left North Africa in July 1941 as did von dem Borne.

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