D.A.K. War Diary No. 1 – Overview Table

The table below gives easy access to the daily entries of the D.A.K. war diary No.1. This is a new project that I will pursue over the course of the next few months for the 75th anniversary of the events. Entries will be annotated with explanatory remarks and where easily possible provide additional information.

This is similar to the prior projects translating the Panzergruppe Intelligence Assessments, which can be found at this link. 

At present I plan to go through all of the war diary No. 1, which ends in the middle of August 1941, but I can’t promise that I will be able to keep this up, and/or close to the actual days.

February 41

February 41

March 41

March 41

April 41

April 41

6 February 19 February 1 March
7 February 20 February 2 March
8 February 21 February 3 March
9 February 22 February 4 March
10 February 23 February 5 March
11 February 24 February 6 March
12 February 25 February 7 March  
13 February (no entry) 26 February 8 March
14 February 27 February  9 March
15 February 28 February
16 February
17 February
18 February

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