D.A.K. war diary entry 1 March 1941

1 March 1941

Following a conference with the Chief of Staff and the Chief Quartermaster about the development of the situation and the tasks of 5.lei.Div. the Commander together with the officers of his close staff, on the invitation of His Excellency Gariboldi, takes the parade of newly arrived troops. The troops (one artillery regiment and 4 2-cm AA companies) gives a generally good impression during the march past. Afterwards a short conference is held with His Excellency Gariboldi, who uses to opportunity to hand over a desert caravan of the latest vintage with a command tent.

Lunch is taken at the Commandant of Tripoli. During the evening the operation order for 5.lei.Div. is issued.

Forward Detachment Wechmar reports that a patrol has captured two Englishmen and captured an English armoured car. Most forward English unit (11th Hussars) will be relieved by 1st King’s Dragoon Guards.

A reinforced patrol of A.A.3 captures another armoured car west of el Agheila, and brings in two POW.

The commander of the reconnaissance squadron 2.(H)/14 has used his Ju 52 to reconnoitre the terrain from en Nofilia to the Oasis Marada. He describes the reconnoitered terrain as very difficult for motorised formations.