First German tanks arrive: D.A.K. war diary 3 March 1941

3 March 1941

Arrival and Departure of Subordinated Troops

Divisional command company

Staff quarters 5.lei.Div.

Arrived in Tripoli:

Regimental Staff 200[1]

During the morning the Commander flies to Tmed Hassan, where he is received by the Commanding General of the Italian X.A.K.[2], and by the Commander of the Div. Ariete and the Fliegerführer Afrika, Lt.Col. Harlinghausen. With the latter a short conference is held regarding co-operation and supply questions.

In the area Buerat – el Gheddahia the Commander inspects the Div. Ariete (see activity report)[3].

The 5.lei.Div. moves its command post to Arco dei Fileni[4]. A.A.3 and the Pz.Jäger 39 push forward to Casa Ristoro, mass of M.G.Batl.8 regroups in the area around these two locations.

General Rommel arrives at the command post of 5.lei.Div. in the evening and stays there for the night.

At 18.00 hours the 6th Naval Transport Squadron arrives with the Regimentsstab 200, some supply services, and some tanks for testing purposes.

Aerial reconnaissance in the area of Agedabia showed some isolated movements to the north.


[1]This was a specially established HQ unit to take control of the two machine gun battalions 2 and 8. It had been established on 27 January 1941 and was destined for Africa from the outset.

[2]The 10th Army Corps of the Italian army.

[3] These appear not to have survived.

[4] The triumphal arch built by the Italians at the border of Tripolitania and Cyrenaica.

Axis troops moving through the Arco dei Fileni.

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