D.A.K. war diary entry 7 March 1941

7 March 1941

At 11.00 hours a conference is held at Army General Gariboldi with the Commander and Chief of Staff (see activity report).

Div.Ariete is subordinated to the German Afrikakorps.

At 13.00 hours the Commander with the Chief of Staff move to the command post of Div. Ariete and give orders to move to the front (see activity report). Afterwards General Rommel drives to 5.lei.Divat Arco dei Fileni, while Lt. Col. von dem Borne returns to Tripoli.

During the evening His Excellency Gariboldi welcomes the M.G.Batl.2 and two supply columns and afterwards inspects the parade of the elements going to the front. (1 column remains in Tripoli as corps reserve).

English naval forces operate along the German transport route. Fliegerfuehrer Afrika is requested to address this.

Major i.G.[1] Ehlert arrives in Tripoli as Ia at the Afrikakorps, and takes over the business until now executed by Rittmeister von Plehwe.

[1]The abbreviation indicates that the officer in question had passed the war academy cause and was qualified to work as a general staff officer.