D.A.K. war diary 12 March 1941

D.A.K. war diary 12 March 1941

12 March 1941

The Commander flies back to Tripoli during the morning. At 17.00 hours a parade and passing is held at the Castle in Tripoli by II./PR5, those elements of I./PR5[1] already in Tripoli and a tank battalion of Div. Ariete[2]. II./PR5 afterwards moves to Sirt in four night marches; during the march the battalion remains directly subordinate to the Afrikakorps.

Nordafrika, Truppenparade in Tripolis

Italian medium tanks M13/40 parading in Tripoli on 12 March 1941. Picture from Wikipedia’s Bundesarchiv project

Under command of Major Schräpler (IIa)[3] a preparatory command drives to Sirt in the early morning hours, to prepare the new Corps HQ for the command staff.


[1]Second and first battalions of the armoured regiment of 5.lei.Div., respectively.

[2]These were the tanks of 7th Battalion 32nd Armoured Regiment, which had arrived the day before. See this older link.

[3]The Afrika-Korps Chief Personnel Officer. A nice example of how staff officers were expected to fulfill multiple roles.