D.A.K. War Diary 17 March 1941

17 March 1941

Arrival and Departure of Subordinated Troops:

Infantry Div. Brescia subordinated to D.A.K. for operations:

Agents and aerial reconnaissance confirmed the shape of an enemy line of security via B. es Suera – B. el Ginn – B. Bilal – Gtafia – el Haselat (throughout armoured car security screen).

Gialo was reported free of enemy by aerial reconnaissance on 17 March. Movement into this direction seems to be a local, temporarily limited reconnaissance push.

On the airfield at Agedabia 6 enemy planes were noted by the air force and successfully attacked.

Operation Graf Schwerin[1] successfully reached Hun on 16 March.

Div. Ariete carried out its first reconnaissance push to the south in the direction of Bir el Merduma.

The second comprehensive proposal about the conduct of the intended offensive operation was submitted to the O.K.H.[2]. For 18 March a conference about the proposal was planned with His Excellency Gariboldi, and after that continued flight of the Commander in Chief to Berlin via Rome, for a presentation to the Chief of the General Staff of the Army[3] was planned.[4]

[1]This was a reconnaissance operation into the deep south of Libya. Some more information here at this link.
[2]The German Army High Command
[3]Colonel-General Franz Halder, not a man too much enarmoured with Rommel.
[4]This was the first mention of the offensive plans towards Mersa el Brega.



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