D.A.K. War Diary Entry 23 March 1941

23 March 1941

Arrival and Departure of Subordinated Troops:

Arrived in Tripoli:

1./A.R.75 Fernspr.Kp. N.A.Libyen[1]

Arrived in the operational zone:


Lessons learnt: Experience with motor vehicles in the desert, see report Lt.Col. Rothardt.

08.15 hours 5.lei.Div. reports:

“Our column supplying and reinforcing Marada met enemy with artillery 8km north of Giofer.

5.lei.Div. requests rapid support by the Luftwaffe.”

A section (Kette[2]) of destroyers machine-gunned enemy armoured car patrol (without effect, according to English radio reports), and noted two burnt-out trucks of ours.

Me 110E ZG26 shot down near Tobruk 1941

Bf110 Destroyer of ZG26 lost at Agedabia, February 1941. IWM

At Solluch the Luftwaffe shot up a petrol trailer and truck, setting it on fire, one Me110 was lost because it had to force land.

At 09.00 hours Div. Brescia took over command of the defensive position in the Sebcha narrows west of Agheila and on the southern edge of Dor Lanuf.

Detachment Schwerin reached today Zuila. Three combat airplanes were moved there. The supply of Detachment Schwerin with all requested spares and additional rations was carried out by two Junkers up to Hun. From there transport to Sebha by Ghibli.


[1]Telephone Company, Signals Battalion Libya

[2]A Kette (lit. ‘chain’) was the smallest tactical grouping of Luftwaffe squadrons other than fighters. It consisted of three planes.

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