D.A.K. War Diary Entry 26 March 1941

26 March 1941

Arrival and Departure of Subordinated Troops:

Div.Brescia reinforced by 12 3.7cm AT guns

The evening report to the O.K.H. gave the following assessment of the enemy situation:

“It has to be presumed that the concentrations reported in the area Ghemines – Solluch  – Magrum are a mobile reserve for use in a southerly or southeasterly direction.

The construction of a new road on the coast from Magrum to Zuetina, and repair work on the road Magrum – Agedabia may point to the ability to more quickly move reserves, and may serve to relieve pressure on the main road for supply traffic.

The occupation of Agheila led to reinforcement in the area of Agedabia, probably only close to Agedabia. The radio intercept picture shows a strength of these new forces of up to 3 battalions, 1 armoured car regiment, and 2 artillery battalions. It is presumed that Agedabia is to be definitively held.”

Detachment Schwerin reached Gatrun on 25 March, 17.00 hours. Area between border and Gatrun apparently free of enemy. Inquiry from Detachment Schwerin whether a push in direction Giado and Zuar should be made, since only by doing this a precise picture about the enemy situation of the De Gaulle troops could be ascertained.

The recall to Sicily of the Stuka Wing with one Group made the planned aerial reconnaissance with Schwerin against the De Gaulle forces impossible.

H.E. Gariboldi was named Commander in Chief of the Italian forces in North Africa, and Governor General of Libya. Marshall Graziani resigned from all his offices[1].

Tripolis, Ankunft DAK, Rommel

Gariboldi (left behind Rommel), Rommel and Streich (right) in Tripoli during one of the arrival parades.


[1]Graziani was not given another position for two years. Gariboldi was to be replaced by Bastico in July 1941, after continuing disagreements with Rommel.

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