D.A.K. War Diary 29 March 1941

D.A.K. War Diary 29 March 1941

29 March 1941

A supply operation to Marada was successfully carried out.

Lt.Col. Count Schwerin intended for 29 March to repair motor vehicles, and for 30 and 31 March to march back to Hun. The two missing motor vehicles found their way back by themselves.

Quartermaster Tripoli reports: submarine attack[1] on 29 March 1941 against 15th Naval Transport convoy at the height of Kerkennah. steamer Heraklea[2] sunk, steamer Ruhr[3] heavy torpedo hits. Towing into Tripoli will be attempted.  Two additional destroyers sortied from Tripoli. Losses not known yet.


HM/Sub Utmost (N19) underway. IWM FL 4279


[1]The attack was carried out by HM/Sub Utmost. It was the first major disruption of the Afrikakorps’ transport to North Africa. HM/Sub Utmost survived its Mediterranean tour, returning to the UK in February 1942.

[2]Heraklea, 1,927 GRT, was a smaller steamer built in 1922. She carried all the vehicles and most of the personnel of 2./Fla.Btl. 606 (60 ORs were on Ruhr), as well as some staff vehicles of Fla.Btl. 606, and one armoured car for A.A.3. A total of 206 men and 100 vehicles, as well as 144 tons of fuel, 45 tons of ammunition, and 39 tons of rations for the German army. 69 men were lost on her, as well as a whole battery of self-propelled anti-aircraft guns.

[3]Ruhr, 5,955 GRT was actually a Motor Vessel, finally sunk by aircraft in 1943. On this voyage she carried most of the elements of Fla.Btl. 606, a truck supply company, vehicles for the Corps Signals Battalion, a medical company, a total of 585 men and 160 vehicles. She also carried 448 tons fuel, 120 tons of ammunition, and 208 tons of rations for the army and 104 tons of equipment for the Luftwaffe. Ruhr was towed into Trapani.