D.A.K. War Diary 30 March 1941

30 March 1941

Arrival and Departure of Subordinated Troops

Losses due to sinking of Heraklea

Equipment 2.Fla.Batl.(mot.) 606

Elements armoured reconnaissance platoon A.A.3, elements 6./M.G.2

Arrived in Tripoli:

I./Flak 18, Elements Fl.M.G.Batl. 606[1]

Quartermaster Department Tripoli reported that 15th Naval Transport Squadron entered harbour at 09.00 hours, and that the torpedoed steamer Ruhr was to be towed to Sicily. Losses are presumed to be: 30 men, equipment: 2.Fla.Batl. (mot) 606, 7. Kol.Abtlg. 686, elements 6./M.G.Batl. 2, elements armoured reconnaissance platoon A.A.3.

5.lei.Div. reported as result of the day: 1 enemy armoured car with slight clutch damage captured, Luftwaffe: 1 armoured car, 1 self-propelled gun, and 1 tanker shot up and burning.

Lt.General Rommel ordered the Commander of 5.lei.Div. in verbal conference to carry out the planned operation to take Marsa Brega on 31 March. The Commander in Chief declared himself satisfied with the plan for execution.

The operation order of 30 March as preparation set out the order of the divisions following the occupation of B. es Suera and Marsa Brega. To be implemented on 31 March was the taking over of security just and 10km north of Maaten Giofer by Div. Ariete.

An air attack on Tripoli between 01.00 and 04.00 hours caused only light damage to buildings.

A request was made by the Afrikakorps to the O.K.H. to set up five independent companies as garrison troops for oases, which will become important during the proceeding of operations as connection points, flank protection, and for water supplies.[2]

The requests to O.K.H. to leave the Stuka Group until the arrival of Ju 88, and to send Foreign Legionnaires as garrison troops were turned down.

[1]A nice example of how even the bureaucratic Germans use different ways of referring to the same unit.
[2]See my older post for their organisation, at this link.

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